Basic Yearly Membership with one free 16x30 Mat

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Officially Live! 

50% off of our Subscription plans for the 1st 100 people that sign up!

If you are interested in our silicone mats you might want to check out our live workshops(free mats with subscriptions)

What is it?

  • unlimited online workshops
  • paid one-on-one workshops(coming soon)
  • get connected with buyers looking for custom-made woodworking
  • yearly plans have extras like free silicone mats and more.
  • connect with other woodworkers in the community

We started off recently by having some of the master woodworkers we know that love to share their knowledge of the craft give online virtual workshops.

Go to to sign Up

The reception so far has been great and we have had very in-depth discussions on topics from Router climb cuts to wood bending techniques.

Basic Monthly Plan ($7.50/month)
Basic Yearly plan ($90 first year)
Maker Yearly Special ($150 first year)
Unlimited group workshops with master/expert woodworkers yes
Past Workshop Archive access yes
Custom Commissioned project marketplace (coming soon) yes yes
One Free 16 x 30 Workbench Mat (free shipping) - $45
Two Free 16 x 30 Workbench Mats (free shipping) - - $90
50% off your first One-on-One workshop with an expert woodworker. - $20 -
15-minute onboarding session with Cucamonga woodworking  - - yes
Free 30 minute One-on-One workshop with an expert/master woodworker $30-$50


The Cucamonga Woodworking community is just getting started and we plan on having a lot more features in the next couple of months.

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