Can you use a Bench Grinder to Sharpen Chisels?

Most woodworkers have faced the problem of dull chisels. New woodworkers, or those new to working with chisels, face the challenge of sharpening their chisels. Some opt to take their chisels to a professional sharpener or have a whetstone just for this purpose. Others look around their shop and ask the question, “Can I sharpen my chisels on a bench grinder?”

You can sharpen your chisels on a bench grinder. Your bench grinder must have enough power and the correct type of stone. 

Many woodworkers use a bench grinder to sharpen their chisels. Before you attempt to use your bench grinder to put the edge back on your tools, you should understand the sharpening process and how it can affect your tools' steel. We’ll explain how to use your bench grinder properly so that you won’t damage your chisels beyond repair.

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