Live Workshops

We are very interested in connecting Highly skilled woodworkers with those new to the craft with Workshops, Livestreams, and small group sessions. 

We are looking for early sign ups.. which will have a free for life basic membership(normally $3/month). this offer good until 4/1/22.

 How It Works

  • Sign up for a free membership at
  • Find a Workshop, Class, or Livestream that interests you.
  • Build your own audience if you have something interesting to share.
  • Connect with woodworkers and makers with similar interests.
  • The ability to make money woodworking is better than it has been in years.. our goal is to help everyone level up your game.

Job/Request/Product Board

  • Are you searching for a 1975 20" belt sander(example) for parts? Post the request in our woodworking community.
  • Have a bunch of wood that you want to sell? post a link to your instagram or website.
  • Offering in person workshops? Advertise it here.

Custom Woodworking Requests

  • If you are available for custom requests sign up and when we get a request, we will find the best maker.
  • Need something custom made? We have a large community of active woodworkers of all skill levels.

Debut Workshop From 1/29/22

This workshop was by Master Woodworker Dennis Hays showing how to make pocket joints for reclaimed wood.

You can Sign Up at Cucamonga Woodworking Live Here