Frequently Asked Questions.

Most frequent Questions:

Don't forget to watch my demonstration videos at the bottom of this page if you have the time.

What mat sizes do you have and when will they be in stock?

  • All our mats are about 1/8 inch thick. The large mat is slightly under at 2.75 mm and the small mat at 3 mm. 
  • The small Mat is 12 x 22.5 inch and the large mat 16 x 30 inch.
  • There is a Silicone Shortage but it shouldn't negatively affect my products unless it lasts more than a couple of months. My prices will remain the same.

What colors are available?

  • Burgundy and Blue-Gray for the 16 x 30.
  • Burgundy for the 12 x 22.5
  • Let me know if other colors you’d be interested in.

How much do they cost?

  • At all times, I plan on having the large ones available for $37 plus $10 shipping($13.50 shipping for more than one)
    Small mats for $23.50 with free shipping

What is Your Refund and Return Policy?

  • Our return policy is here: Return Policy I believe in good customer service so if you are not happy for any reason contact me here (contact us) and we will try our best to fix any issues. 

How Safe is My Personal Information?

  • I use Shopify for my website with no custom modifications. The payment processers are either Paypal or Shopify Payments.
  • I have access to your email, phone number if entered, and shipping address. I do not have access to credit card information.
  • Shopify Payments is based on Stripe. I will only send emails for shipping updates or problems. For those subscribed to my email list,
  • I will not bother you too much. My Privacy Policy at the bottom of the page has the official information. This is a summary.
  • Another option is to order one of the mats from me on Amazon. The price is similar and you have that platforms protections. Shipping is probably slower on Amazon. Just search Cucamonga woodworking.

What can silicone mats be used for? Only woodworking?

  • Any hobby that needs a non stick, heat resistant, protective surface. Pottery and ceramics, resin and acrylic, hobby gluing, soldering, glass, and a lot more.

What type of silicone do you use?

  • The factory is ISO9001 quality certified and uses the same silicone and process that they do for Food grade products. My mats are not for food.

Can these mats be used with a heat gun?

  • They are good up to 250 Celsius(482 F) for continuous use. Higher temperatures will cause degradation over time. I will test a mat with a heat gun to see what happens… and what the mat temperature reaches.

    How come I can’t enter the discount code?

    • If you click on express checkout for PayPal, google pay, or Apple Pay the discount code entry form is bypassed. You can still use PayPal by adding the item to the cart, entering your information, than entering discount code before the shipping section. 


    Why use Silicone Mats for Woodworking?

    • Sanding: when you are sanding to 400 or higher grit you need to have a protective mat to set your work on to avoid scratches
    • Glue: Wood glue(PVA), CA, Resin, Epoxy all don’t stick to silicone. You don’t need a workaround like wax paper or duct tape for your glue ups.
    • Lasts a Long Time: Silicone is heat resistant and UV does not degrade it. Most other cheaper solutions need replaced often. Silicone doesn’t.
    • Easy Clean Up: Clean the mat with water or, for oils and varnishes and stains, the manufactures recommended substance. It’s taken me minutes to get a dirty, shellac and glue paste covered mat clean!

      Feel free to email me with any additional questions at: or contact me on Instagram or Facebook (which might be quicker)

      Product related Videos:

      1. This first video is our new gray mats being made. Each mat takes about 7 to 10 minutes in the compression mold. You'll notice that the mold size is about the biggest that this factory can handle.

       2. This next video speaks for itself. The point is to show how CA glue does not stick to silicone.


       3. Regular PVA wood glue vs. silicone. I just wanted to demonstrate what happens if you accidentally clamp wet glue to your workbench top. You'll damage either the workbench or the thing your working on. Silicone mat.. no problem.


       4. This last video is just a quick view of how thick the small mat is.